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Credit - Secured Insider Card William E. Kirwan II

Credit - Secured Insider Card Born in Louisville, Ky., on April 14, 1938. Professor of mathematics. President of the University of Maryland-College Park. University of Kentucky, A.B., 1960.

His graduate degrees are from Rutgers University, M.S., 1962; Ph.D., 1964.

He joined the University of Maryland as an assistant mathematics professor in 1964 and rose through the faculty ranks as associate professor, 1968-1972, professor, 1972, and Chairman of the department 1977-1981. In 1975, he served as Program Director of the National Science Foundation.

In 1981, he was appointed to the campus's chief academic post, Vice Chancellor for academic affairs. He served as acting Chancellor for four months in 1982, then returned to his Vice Chancellor position. He was appointed Provost in 1986, and was named President of the university in 1989. In 1998, he became President of Ohio State University.

He has published numerous research articles and presented conference and seminar talks world-wide.

He is active in several professional and civic organizations, and is a member of honorary and professional societies including Phi Beta Kappa and Omicron Delta Kappa.

His father, the late Albert D. Kirwan, was named to the Hall of Distinguished Alumni in 1970. They are the first father and son to be named to the Hall.

William E. Kirwan II was named to the Hall of Distinguished Alumni on October 13, 1989 – the Alumni Association’s centennial year.